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Misunderstood Power of Civility

Given the disturbing events in Tucson, it is not surprising that the President and others are calling for a more civil political dialogue. I agree with their call, but before we get too far down the road, we should make … Continue reading

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Bennett – Conservative Leader or DC Dealer Maker?

One of the benefits of being a GOP delegate is that I get to see a lot more material from the candidates than the average voter. Over time, the mass amounts of emails, mailers, etc. invariably lead to little nuggets … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz on Deck for Conservative Movement & Heritage Foundation

By John F. Pilmer Applause was generous before, and deafening after, Ted Cruz spoke to the Heritage Foundation Resource Bank 2010 audience in Miami.  No doubt was left as to which side of the aisle the former Solicitor General of … Continue reading

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Just Say NO to ObamaCare – US Credit at risk

A trillion dollars in new debt in the first year of the Obama administration. Breathtaking! Now, the CBO estimates the liberal spendthrifts are ready to borrow another trillion, give a take a few billion, to fund Nationalized Healthcare. This is BAD, BAD news for our economic health in the long run–to the extreme. Continue reading

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