He likes to hear himself talk

Dear Joseph,

I once overheard someone say, “He likes to hear himself talk.”

Truth be told; that someone was referring to me. A major OUCH to say the least.

While I don’t think that person ever intended for me to hear that brutally honest feedback, the situation provided me an important life learning lesson: you don’t need to answer every question.

For awhile I went completely in the opposite direction where I wouldn’t say anything or make a comment at all. It was a bit of an over-reaction, but my silence forced me paying more attention to how often the urge to comment came along and then ask the question of whether I felt that my comments could really add value or perspective that wasn’t already being shared.

As a father, it has been interesting to watch how you and your siblings respond in similar situations. I have particularly learned a lot from watching you.

Hannah and David are more like me. They want to answer every question even when they don’t have an answer. But as I watch you I can see the wheels turning and when you do answer, I am always amazed at the depth of your thinking.

It makes me hope that I can be more like you someday.


Rule 25: If you are going to make a comment, try not to ramble on, get off topic, or say the same thing ten different ways.

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One Response to He likes to hear himself talk

  1. Lisa Shepherd says:

    Rule 25: Very good! I’ll practice this. It’ll be hard, but I will practice. ; )

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